Ceramic pot number 2!

It’s been a while coming as I’ve spent the last week in England visiting family for the half term holidays but here it is, my latest hand decorated ceramic pot, glazed and  home to yet more pens. It now lives on the desk in my craft room. Having handmade/ hand decorated things around me in my craft room really does make me happy. I’ve got so many ideas of more things I’d like to make to have in there such as bunting and crocheted garlands but as always its just finding the time to do it with so many other projects on the go. I will definitely be going back to the ceramic studio very soon though to add to my pots  as I’ve more pens and scissors that could do with bright new homes too. The possibilities are endless…

Karen x

Author: Kazzybo

My name is Karen, I am a happily married mum of one, working as a primary school teacher. I have a very busy life with a lot of hobbies which always seem to be fighting for the top spot! Apart from spending time with family I love nothing more than to shut myself away with a bit of relaxation music and embark on a bit of creativity, including crocheting, knitting, card making, sewing, running and almost anything else crafty that takes my fancy at that moment in time.

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