Eclectic Mix large granny blanket

I love love love this blanket. Out of all the blankets that I have ever made, this has to be my favourite. I’m not quite sure what it is about it, whether its the random mix of colours, the white bordering the squares that really seems to make the colours pop, the chunkiness of the squares or maybe a combination of all of those things.


Whatever it is, I love it so much that I have set straight about making another one for myself even after promising myself no more time consuming blankets for a while. Oops! this blanket was gifted to my sister Sarah for Christmas and thankfully she loved it as much as I do. The colours in my blanket won’t be exactly the same or in the same order but it will have giant granny squares in random colours and it while be joined and bordered in white.


I’m so excited, I cannot wait to see it folded in my living room and snuggle under it on the settee. I swore that after finishing the two blankets I made for Christmas presents, I would not make any more for a while and concentrate on smaller projects but I just cant seem to help myself, so here we go again…

Author: Kazzybo

My name is Karen, I am a happily married mum of one, working as a primary school teacher. I have a very busy life with a lot of hobbies which always seem to be fighting for the top spot! Apart from spending time with family I love nothing more than to shut myself away with a bit of relaxation music and embark on a bit of creativity, including crocheting, knitting, card making, sewing, running and almost anything else crafty that takes my fancy at that moment in time.

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