Our little artist in the making

At the weekend we bought a wooden box for Little Miss to decorate to house her hair clips and bobbles. Out came the acrylic paints and after painting the box, she decided to start painting the cardboard that we were using to protect the table. I let her roll with it and this is the masterpiece she created. This is definitely being framed!

Normally when we get the paints out its her children’s washable paints we use and inevitably we end up with the ‘muddy’ look unless I limit the selection of colours she can use. This time I just let her go for it and I’m so surprised and pleased by the results. It turns out that as the acrylic paints are so fast drying, you don’t get the same muddying of colours and I just love the effect. Its given me lots more ideas to try out, I might even have a go at some freestyle acrylic painting myself.


NB Please note that Little Miss is old enough to know not to put paint near her mouth but I wouldn’t recommend using acrylic paint with younger children who are not yet past that stage as I believe they can be harmful if ingested.

Author: Kazzybo

My name is Karen, I am a happily married mum of one, working as a primary school teacher. I have a very busy life with a lot of hobbies which always seem to be fighting for the top spot! Apart from spending time with family I love nothing more than to shut myself away with a bit of relaxation music and embark on a bit of creativity, including crocheting, knitting, card making, sewing, running and almost anything else crafty that takes my fancy at that moment in time.

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